Kelsey and Tasha – England Elopement Wedding

Where do I even begin with Kelsey and Tasha’s incredible England elopement wedding! I was so excited from the initial email, and I was right to be. Kelsey and Tasha had decided to elope just before Christmas, deciding on the brilliant BoHo Cornwall as their venue of choice. However what really makes this place so special is where it is. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and the sea, with insane views and amazing beaches, it was the perfect setting.

In the morning, we were met with typical english winter weather – dreary, and cold. However, there was this amazing fog that kept rolling in and out, and I knew that it might make for some extra special photographs! The beauty of it just being the two of you, means that it is a lot less stressful, but still busy! Kelsey and Tasha helped each other get ready, before Tasha headed over to the ceremony first. Kelsey finished up getting ready and followed shortly. It was then a simple and sweet ceremony, I absolutely loved the intimacy of it only being the two of them, and the love these two have for each other is clear. After they took a moment inside, before we headed out into the cold for possibly some of my favourite photographs of the year!

We wanted to take full advantage of the amazing surroundings, so first we headed to a local spot just minutes from the venue. It was incredible with the fog, and a little bit of sun trying to come through. We then headed over to the beach and what a stunning setting this is. Kelsey and Tasha looked a little bit crazy in their wedding dresses on the beach in December whilst everyone was bundled up in big coats and wearing wellies, but we were all absolutely loving it.

We then didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of shooting at Land’s End – a famous landmark that is simply incredible. The fog was thicker here but we still managed to see a little bit of sun trying to break through. So so amazing, Kelsey and Tasha killed it considering the cold and I could not be more in love with the photographs. I would love to shoot another England elopement wedding, so please get in touch!

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