Frequently Asked Questions



Can we meet you before booking?

Absolutely! I love to meet before you book as then we’ll learn if we are the right match for each other, as we’ll share the same photography vision for your day. Your wedding photography is a very important decision to make! If we are too far apart to meet in person, a Skype will often work well as well!

How long do you shoot for on the day?

For my full day coverage collection, I don’t have a set time limit – I shoot for as long as you need me on the day as long as it isn’t unreasonable! Telling a story of your day is important to me, not just working those 8 hours in the middle! I usually arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony time, to capture the bridal preparations and then will stay a little after the first dance to get those brilliant dancing photographs! However if you would like me to stay later, for example if you are having a firework display or sparkler send off, or some other opportunity for some more beautiful photographs, then do just let me know and we can work something out!

How many photographs do we get?

I don’t have a set amount of photographs that you’ll get, and there is definitely no cap on the amount you’ll receive! I will take photographs of everything beautiful and wonderful throughout the day, and you’ll receive all of the final edited photographs. The more there is to photograph, the more photographs you will receive! But typically from a full day of photography you can expect to receive a minimum of 500 photographs.

We’re quite awkward when having our photo taken, is this okay?

Of course! I strive to get natural photographs, so just pretend I’m not there and I will capture all of the natural smiles and emotions of the day! It helps that I’m pretty small too ;) This is also a reason I include the complimentary engagement shoot in my collections, to help you feel more comfortable for your wedding day.

We are quite interested in having you as our wedding photographer, how do we book?

If you wish to book me, I take a booking fee of the 1/3 of the full amount (so this would be £595 for my full day collection) and you’ll also need to sign a contract that is all done online using Adobe Sign – easy peasy! I’ll then pop you a welcome pack in the post with lots of handy information all about your wedding photography. The rest of the payment is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Do you do need to visit our venue beforehand?II don’t find it necessary to visit venues beforehand, I can get a very good idea of a venue from looking at photos online. Where I choose to take photos depends very much on the light on the day, which can vary a lot depending on the time of the year you are getting married, the time of the photos and the weather. I will usually have a quick scout around your venue when I first arrive on the day.

We’re not that keen on having the complimentary engagement shoot, can we get a discount for not having it?

As it’s complimentary, I’m afraid I cannot offer discounts for choosing not to have it. I strongly recommend you do give it a shot though! Not only is it a great way to get over the awkwardness and figure out your best angles and poses but we’ll get to know each other better too and therefore be more comfortable and prepared for your wedding day! Plus, not to mention the beautiful photographs you’ll get that you’ll be able to treasure! :)




When can we book our engagement shoot? And where can we do it? What is included in the complimentary shoot?

You can book any time between booking and 3 weeks before the wedding! I like to do engagement shoots in a place that means something to you both, however if you do not have any ideas then there are some great locations we can use. Just ask and I can let you know more details. Included in the shoot is a minimum of 30 high resolution images that you can print as you wish.

Can we print our photographs?

Absolutely! All of my packages come with high resolution images with printing rights, so you and your family can print as you wish for personal use. However if you’re after high quality long lasting professional prints, you can purchase through me. Just ask for prices!

Can we share our images online?

Of course! You are more than welcome to share your photos on social media, with friends and family, as long as it is all for personal use. If your other wedding suppliers get in touch to see if they can use the photos on their website and social media, this is absolutely fine too. Just remind them to credit my website link wherever used! Any other usage will need to be discussed with me first.

Can we keep our images private from being used on your website, social media etc?

Absolutely – I never share your images anywhere without your full consent.

What happens if you get ill?

Well good news is, I have a pretty killer immune system and don’t really get ill, I’ve never had to cancel on a client for their wedding due to illness thus far. I have many 100% attendance certificates from my school days, the only certificates I managed to get haha! But if it is unfortunate that I fall ill on your wedding day, then I will refund all monies paid and do my best to find you a replacement. I have great connections with lots of other photographers, both in my area and all around the UK. So finding a replacement last minute wouldn’t be too much of a headache.

What if your equipment malfunctions on the day?

I always make sure I have backup equipment just in case this happens – I have two camera bodies and a whole array of lenses, multiple flashguns as well as spare batteries and a bunch of memory cards. So I will always be able to carry on shooting! And also, my camera has dual card slots, which means I have an instant backup while shooting in case one of my memory cards becomes corrupt. Double win!

Are you insured?

I sure am! I have both public indemnity and public liability insurance, and all of my equipment is insured too!