Good to Meet You


Hi, I’m Frances!

I have always loved photography, although growing up I never thought of it as a career prospect. I was always told that you never made any money from creative work, and that I should do something with better job opportunities. I’m certainly glad I didn’t listen to that advice! I know now that being a photographer is exactly who I am supposed to be. When I wake up in the morning, I am filled with excitement and passion to create beautiful imagery, capturing the world how I see it, and to share it with everyone I know.

I adore the thrill of photography; it’s a crazy adventure and I never know where it is going to take me next. Whether I’m taking photographs on the top of cliffs, deep in the forest, or in the middle of a hectic city – I love every single second.

If you are interested in working with me, please do get in touch as I’d love to hear your plans and ideas! I’m based in Kent/London however I love travelling to beautiful places, whether it’s 20 minutes down the road or a plane ride away.